About Company



The Company personnel embody more than 60 years’ experience in titanium alloy tubes production, possesses a proper qualification to produce competitive goods for all the fields of their use.

There are 471 employees employed by the Company including 325 workers and 146 specialists (engineers and managers) as of the 1st of January, 2022
Mean age of working personnel is 44.7 years (22.3% are in the age of up to 30 years and 53.6% within the range of 30 to 50 years), 33% have higher education, 32% have secondary technical training and 34% have special secondary and secondary education.

Top management has determined the ways of implementation of the Company personnel policy tasks, such as development of skills and qualification of employees, improvement of their professional activities as well as staffing of production with highly-qualified professionals.

One of the basic strategies of the Company is a long-term investment into the personnel. Proper conditions are created for each employee to develop their potential.
The Company took some special measures to increase production efficiency / obtain high skilled personnel and received a License of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine for rendering educational services on the vocational technical training of the personnel at production site. Introduction of such measures has allowed the Company to train and improve qualification of the Company personnel per all the working professions by itself; the License got a «perpetual» status on 05.06.2020.
Development of skills and improvement of the Company employees’ qualification are continuous and ongoing processes with subsequent personnel certification. Professional advancement is a top-priority task for each employee.
Personnel training program, based on applications of the Company departments, is approved annually to clearly organize vocational training of the Company personnel.

During the period of the License validity, starting from 2009, each Company worker managed to improve and prove their qualification level once per 5 years (according to legislation of Ukraine) or obtain another profession. Besides that, the license gives a right to the Company to render such services to the other companies and organizations. Agreements on training, retraining and qualification improvement of workers in tube production specialties were concluded with more than 14 enterprises and organizations from the moment of getting the license.

The employees can get education in the higher educational establishments of different accreditation degree up to the qualification degree of «Junior specialist», «Bachelor» and «Specialist» at the Company expense. This program gave the opportunity for 128 employees to get higher education, and 2 are studying at the moment.
Company managers and specialists keep on increasing their qualification by participating in the seminars and conferences.

For the purpose of providing the integrated continuous system in the field of labor productivity increase and training of the Company employees there is a system of periodical assessment of personnel aimed at ranking the workers according to the distinct criteria which allow to define a professional level and efficiency of each worker to improve their working conditions and size of their salary.

Implementation of reasonable social policy is an integral part of the Company’s development strategy. Along with the Labor contract there is also a Social program aimed at the formation of partnership interrelations between the owner and working staff that promotes the consolidation of personnel potential able to solve complicated production and management tasks within the present circumstances and provides the Company with the leading position among the tube enterprises of Ukraine.

First-priority directions of the Company’s social program are:

  • implementation of program for preparing the personnel reserve, training and improvement of personnel qualification;
  • medical care, sanatorium-and-spa treatment and organization of personnel recreation;
  • development of sports and physical education, organization of cultural events for the employees and their family members;
  • working with youth;
  • helping the non-working pensioners, labor veterans, disabled persons and other socially unprotected categories of workers.