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Environmental Policy

The Management of VSMPO TITAN UKRAINE LTD. realizes significance of its environmental activities to minimize adverse effect of production on environment, and acknowledges importance of such activities in improving its competitiveness.

Environmental policy of VSMPO TITAN UKRAINE LTD. conforms to the goals and organizational environment including nature, scale and influence of its activities, products and services on environment within specific area of action.

VSMPO TITAN UKRAINE LTD. has established conditions and is taking actions necessary to ensure environment protection through:

  • efforts to carry on its business pursuant to the Ukrainian Environmental Regulations and other requirements the enterprise is in agreement with;
  • planning and implementation of actions ensuring mitigation, or maintenance at the acceptable level, of environmental impacts of VSMPO TITAN UKRAINE LTD. activities;
  • efficient use of natural resources, raw materials and auxiliaries;
  • efficient use of metal scrap in production;
  • mitigation of emergency risks and their environmental impact;
  • regular training of the Company personnel in ecology and improvement of their environmental consciousness and awareness;
  • direct cooperation in environment protection with the concerned organizations and community;
  • systematic review of Environmental Management System existing at VSMPO TITAN UKRAINE LTD. to improve its efficiency.