About Company


Quality Policy

Our mission
Maximum satisfaction of the customers’ and buyers' needs in high-quality, competitively priced seamless tubes of titanium alloys for high-tech industries.

The Company presents itself as a highly professional, innovative and high-tech enterprise meeting the market demands as well as technological progress requirements.

Main goal in the field of quality
Release of products that meet the Customer requirements and specifications in accordance with international and national standards.

Quality principles used to achieve goals:

  • Traceability of current and future requirements as well as customer specifications;
  • Building partnerships and mutually beneficial relationships with the suppliers;
  • Improving scientific and technical activities aimed at creation of advanced technologies;
  • Identification of faults; introduction of measures aimed at improvement of production efficiency and optimization of business processes;
  • Motivating employees to decrease costs and increase production efficiency;
    Training of employees and competence achievement;
  • Systematic investment in expansion and development of the production capacities in accordance with the requirements of technical progress.

Top management of VSMPO TITAN UKRAINE LTD takes responsibility for implementation of the Quality Policy and creates the conditions for creative and effective work, continuous improvement of production.