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The enterprise area includes main manufacturing building, plant office building and auxiliary buildings and premises.

Manufacturing building consists of 2 workshops:

  • Manufacturing workshop (Seamless aerospace tubes);
  • Manufacturing workshop (Commercial tubes).

Total area of the territory is 15,04 hectares.

Total area of manufacturing building is 54,000 sq.m.

Workshops are located in 7 aisles of manufacturing building and consist of the following areas:

  • Production area of cold-worked tubes consists of: 12 cold pilger mills (1 mill — HPT-90, 2 mills — HPT-75, 4 mills — HPT-55, 5 mills — HPT-32); 10 cold-rolling pilger mills (1 mill — HPTR60-120, 1 mill -HPTR30-60, 3 mills — HPTR15-30, 2 mills- HPTR8-15, 1 mill — HPTR3-8, 2 mills — HPTR6-15); three drawing mills 15t, 5t, 0,85t and swaging machine.
  • Staging area consists of: 2 boring mills and 2 turning mills.
  • Area of capillary tubes production consists of: drawing chain, straightening mill produced by «BRONX» company, inert atmosphere annealing machine of RAF type, electrochemical tube oxidation machine, swaging machine.
  • Thermal area consists of: 3 electric continuous roller furnaces, vacuum furnace with two moving chambers.
  • Etching area consists of: 2 alkaline liquid melt baths, 3 acid baths produced by KOERNER company, degreasing bath, 4 acid baths, 2 jet-etching devices, 2 sand-blasting machines, rinse tank and water engine.
  • Finishing area for tubes of nonferrous metals consists of: straightening machine 10WR3-30 produced by PRESTAR, straightening machine 20–90, two straightening machines VRM35 with steel and polyurethane rollers, jaw straightening machine, grinding machine — type RP+S 347/4, produced by LOESER, centreless grinding machine ВШ-177, cutting machines of lathes type, two cut-off tape-saw machines produced by PROMA company, three hydro-presses for hydraulic tests of tubes with diameter from 10 to 159 mm and test pressure up to 200 atmospheres, unit for tube pressure tests up to 5 atmospheres, tube bending machine of MASTER series — model CE-51 AF PT12 MA AM, marking machine Image S8 Master.
  • Quality assurance department is equipped with ultrasonic and eddy-current units for tube testing, periscopes and endoscope for internal surface examination, styloscope for on-line testing of alloy grade.

All the equipment is in good working order. Company performs the upgrading of production equipment as well as overhauls and repairs according to the Plan of production efficiency enhancement.